Wolfe's Last Class

On June 18, 2002, our teacher, Wolfe Lowenthal, taught his last regularly scheduled class in New York City. Wolfe founded the Long River Taichi Circle in 1977, and taught diligently and sincerely in New York for twenty-five years, making Long River a center of taichi study.

As he bid farewell to us, we took a moment to reflect on what our study means to us, on what we have learned, and on what we have left to learn. The class gave Wolfe some parting gifts, and we raised a glass in honor of his teaching. Although we are saddened that we will not see Wolfe as often as we had, we know that what he has taught will live on with us, and that we are alway welcome to attend his classes in the North, as students up there are always welcome here in New York.

Thanks to Wolfe for his gracious spirit and understanding of taichi, thanks to all our fellow students for their diligent study throughout the years, and special thanks to George Chiang for the bottle of Scotch with which we wished Wolfe all the best.

Phil Metcalf


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